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Equine Businesses you can run from home

Ever wondered what businesses you can run from home that involve your passion of Horses? Yup, think we all have wondered that at some point. I have put together a list of things that you can do to get started from the comfort of your own home. For the equine lovers out there you can use your passion to make money.

Horse shoes

Why not cash in on all the sets of horse shoes you lose each shoeing session. Ask your local farrier if you can buy old spares from him or collect each set you have changed. Give them a good tidy up, add rust protection and get decorating. There is a real trend now for crafts and horse shoes make such a personal touch. PLUS – they are great for weddings and that is always a big market to reach into.

Hosting Seminars or Training Clinics

If you are lucky enough to own or rent your own facilities for you and your horse, why not make the most of them. Hosting seminars or training clinics is a great way to generate extra income and boost the community feel. It is also an awesome way of increasing your own knowledge by watching the demos and clinics. All you need is some organisation skills, laptop or phone and some contacts – get ringing around to book some great clinics in.

Start an equestrian journal

If you enjoy writing, why not start writing about a subject you are passionate about. Start a blog, or freelance for your favourite horse magazine. Even better, why not start your own. Hone in on those graphic design and writing skills to produce your own web based journal.

Create an online tack store

Let’s admit it, us equestrians spend wayyyy to much money on our horse and little on ourselves. Why not start up a website that sells some of your favourites to fellow horse and country lovers.

Set up an online horse show

As we have seen so many shows and events cancelled due to Covid19, the latest trend is online shows. Why not encourage this trend and set up your own set of online shows. We all want some enjoyment in restricted times and who doesn’t love to show off their horses. You can even put aside a certain percentage of all entry fees to charity of your choice so you can give something back.

Equine Podcast host

Let’s all be honest, one thing we love talking about is horses….. Why not make that your home business. There are some fantastic equine podcasts out there now and always room for more. Invest in a small amount of equipment then the rest you are good to go! Click here for a recommended kit to get yourself started!

A few ideas to get you started, but remember the basics – FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. Get excited about a new venture, brainstorm and map out what you want from it. Do your research before you get started, take a look at some competitors for inspiration and to find out the demand for it.

Good luck with your new ventures, get inspired put the work in and see your dreams turn into reality!



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