Style Spy – Inside the Life of an Equestrian Beauty Queen

We have been lucky enough to interview the extremely beautiful model, business woman and fellow horse owner Leilani Dowding. Giving us a sneak peak into the busy life of an equestrian entrepreneur and beauty goddess, we check out her style and glamour at the yard.

Equestrian Style - Leilani Dowding


Former Miss Great Britain winner and Miss Universe contender Leilani moved to LA after a successful modelling career in the UK. Now enjoying the Californian sun and being able to gallop freely on the beach, we take a step inside Leilani’s equestrian world and ask her a few questions.

We are loving your style especially at the stables, you make riding look so glamorous, what is your must have colour for this season and your favourite riding item?
Thank you  🙂  I have always loved Tiffany Blue or Turquoise for myself, and when Elante has his dark coat it also looks great on him. My favourite riding item is my saddle, I was so lucky to have been given it as a present and it has really changed my riding position.
Being at the yard it’s tricky to avoid hat hair, what is your go to hair style and which products help to keep your hair looking amazing?
I’m the worst, I only wash it once a week. I’m really lucky to have really thick hair (which I hated when I was young). I actually love the conditioners that you get when you buy home dye kits. (so do we!!) I get my roots done at a hairdresser as I can never get the colour right but my mum gives me her home dye conditioners. Being in LA the sun really messes up my colour so I like to use dpHUE purple shampoo as it really neutralises the orange and brassiness from the sun.
You look in great shape and definitely give us fitness inspiration, what is your everyday work out routine? 

Equestrian Style - Leilani Dowding

 I think it’s really important for my horse that I stay fit and in shape as well as it is for me. I’m asking him to be an athlete so I feel like taking some care is the least I can do. I go to yoga 4 times a week. The flexibility and core work really helps with my riding and posture. I hike a lot too, I have 2 dogs so its fun for me to take them on a really good walk at least a couple of times a week. I like to groom and tack up Elante myself, which is a big part of the bonding process, I know a lot of high end barns have the horses ready for you, but I prefer to do it myself. Then believe it or not I like to muck out Elante’s stall, and I think all these “chores” contribute to exercise too, or at least I like to pretend.
What beauty item do you keep with you at all times, even at the yard?
Always lip gloss, and sun cream
What Equestrian brands are you loving at the moment?
I absolutely adore ROMFH riding pants. For 2 years while I had other brands, I would end up rotating the 2 pairs I had, until I finally decided to throw the others away. Now I have 5 pairs and its all I wear.
Elante wears Majyk Equipe tendon boots, and I love Ogilvy gel pads and saddle pads and I adore Le Meiux saddle pads too.Equestrian Style - Leilani Dowding - dog walking
Your horse Elante is stunning and looks like an adorable character, have you got any plans with him for 2018?
The vet advised me not to buy him and so did a trainer,  he was a little crazy when I bought him, but the moment i saw him and rode him I knew he was the horse for me. When I bought him I absolutely had plans to compete, but I realised the first year how much I hate the whole process, it ruins my fun as I get so nervous and I’m a horrible horrible loser! We are never going to be jump massive, so I would rather just enjoy him, jump at home, and spend the money on him instead of the shows. I might do some schooling shows so he has the experience, but it doesn’t matter really as I will never sell him. I guess he’s become more of a pet, and I enjoy teaching him tricks.


Equestrian Style - Leilani Dowding and ElanteEquestrian Style - Leilani and Elante in stableEquestrian Style - Leilani Dowding and elante

Check out more of Leilani’s passions and her world on her instagram page

Plus whizz on over to her website where you can browse and shop the beautiful range of dresses in her collection:



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