The Revolutionary Waterproof Riding Coat

Hey Guys! I’m excited to bring you an in-depth look at the Equicoat Pro – an ACTUAL waterproof riding coat! The struggle of finding a truly waterproof coat is real, so let’s dive in…..☔

The Science Behind Waterproofing 🔬
Before diving into the EquiCoat’s features, let’s talk about what makes a coat truly waterproof. A coat’s ability to repel water is often determined by its material and construction. Waterproof fabrics are designed to prevent water penetration, often featuring a membrane or coating that blocks water while allowing moisture (sweat) to escape, ensuring both dryness and comfort. It’s a delicate balance between protection and breathability – one that the EquiCoat has perfected. (gotta love the science bit!
Understanding Waterproof Ratings 🌧️

The EquiCoat Pro boasts an impressive 12,000mm waterproof rating. But what does that actually mean?!! This rating indicates the amount of water pressure the coat can withstand before leaking. A 12,000mm rating means it can endure heavy rain and wet conditions for extended periods, making it ideal for us riders that are out at the yard for a pretty long time (girl math inserted here!). Most coats on the market for us riders barely make the 5,000mm rating (which is light to average rain) I had no idea about such ratings before, and have been genuinely gutted when my favourite coats have made me completely damp through. I have struggled to find a decent waterproof riding coat that was even 10,000mm rating let alone 12,000!
Designed for the Toughest Weather

Whether facing a light drizzle or a torrential downpour, the EquiCoat Pro stands as your unwavering protector. Its superior waterproof rating ensures you stay dry and focused, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.
Warmth Meets Comfort: Fleece Lining
Beyond its waterproof prowess, the EquiCoat Pro also features a super super cozy fleece lining, making riding in the winter much easier! This added layer of warmth is crucial for those chilly, wet days, providing comfort without restricting your movement – a must for riding. The features of the side zips and leg straps mean you can easily wear it riding without being restricted.

Fashion and Function in Harmony

Finding a coat that’s both practical and stylish can be a tall order in the equestrian world. The EquiCoat meets this challenge head-on, offering a sleek, rider-friendly design that doesn’t sacrifice performance for style.

Exclusive Offer for JustCaballo Readers
As a thank you to you all for making it this far and reading my blog, I’m super excited to offer you an exclusive discount on the EquiCoat. Use the code JEN10 at checkout for a special discount. (It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment for each year!!)

It is worth taking a look at the Equicoat range on their website, and check which size you need before ordering, I went with the XS, I am usually a size 10 and about 5’3ish, and found this fits perfectly over a hoodie!

Embrace Every Ride, Regardless of the Weather
In conclusion, the EquiCoat Pro is more than a coat; it’s a testament to innovative equestrian design. It’s a product born out of the need for reliable, weather-resistant riding gear. With its high waterproof rating, warmth, and style, it’s set to revolutionize how we ride in the rain. Finally something I can wear to the yard and stay dry!

Don’t let a downpour dampen your equestrian passion. Equip yourself with EquiCoat. Remember, use JEN10 for your exclusive discount. Stay dry, stay stylish, and keep riding!

Keep an eye on Instagram for some pics of the coat in action!



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