What to wear to the races – Cheltenham ready

Find out more on what to wear to the races! With the racing season kicking off with the Cheltenham festival – we are checking out the latest styles and trends so you can all get prepared. Which means one thing – shopping!! – Get Cheltenham ready ladies.

Everyone is starting to talk about what to wear to the races. As the weather has not been kind to us this time of year, choosing an outfit can be tricky.

Do not despair, we have put together a few outfit ideas to help you find the best style this season and be Cheltenham ready!

Get Cheltenham Ready…

What to wear to the races - Fairfax and Favor
What to wear to the races – Fairfax and Favor of course! Georgia Toffolo knows how to wear them best!

One thing as a must for a winter racing outfit is of course an item from Fairfax and Favor. When you are selecting what to wear be sure to pick something up from them! We love Georgia Toffolo rocking her Fairfax and Favor boots. They have a range of long boots with a choice of Tassels that could really finish off your outfit.

What to wear to the Races - Elizabeth Gilet in Tan
What to wear to the Races – Elizabeth Gilet in Tan

The gorgeous Elizabeth Gilet in Tan is an absolute must for the colder days at the racetrack. It can be pretty chilly in the open space watching the races, however this will keep you super warm. With the tapered waist and simple lines this will be a perfect accompaniment for layering up your outfit.

What to wear to the races - Hicks and Brown Fedora

Fancy hats and fascinators are a must when you visit the races. In the colder season the Fedora is a must. Hicks and Brown have a lovely range, in particular the Chelsworth Fedora in Maroon is a favourite.

Scarves can add a great something to your outfit. We love these great sized scarves from Holland Cooper, along with the belt it can really finish the look.

What to wear to the races - Cheltenham Ready - Vantage Atelier Tweed Skirt

Tweed Skirts are a great option to wear to the races. Couple a skirt up with some long boots, jacket and scarf or tweed cape and it will look stunning. We love the Vantage Atelier tweed skirt which looks lovely with a belt.

We would love to hear about your outfits you have planned for the racing season. Keep us posted on what you choose to wear and share your style ideas with us!

Hope you all have the best time at the races.



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