The head warmers you need this winter

Perfect Head warmers for this winter!

I am always partial to a head warmer – or ten. I have stumbled across the beautiful range produced by the lovely Aimee at Based in Yorkshire, Aimee has combined her passion for the country along with her love for dress making. I really do love the country look and combining tweed with warmth is a perfect combination.

Sullee Headwarmer

Along with many other of her designs, Aimee has produced a range of stunning head warmers which really do bring a great country feel to any outfit.The tweed designs are neatly matched with a comfy warm Sherpa Fleece lining, perfect for bringing warmth and comfort in the frosty cold winters. My collection is growing with nearly every colour now, one for every day of the week!

I find that head warmers are easier to wear when you are busy at the yard. I do love a good bobble hat but they move around too much when I am skipping out the stables, so a head warmer is a much better option. They really do stay still, the elastic in them is great, not too tight or baggy either!

Sullee Headwarmer

Sullee HeadwarmerThey have a popular Luxe range at Sullee which even comes in a stunning dark blue. The feel of the luxe range is something else, soooo soft!

You may want to check out the fiery red colour Lovat and Flame. The great thing about these lovely designs are they will suit all hair colours and match a range of outfits. All the autumn vibes going on!

Check out her Leather Headwarmer too, it really does look great, visit her website for more of her fantastic designs and see the beautiful collection of ponchos too!


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