Tackling Those Nerves!


We have all been there, whether it was a fall, a spook or even something happening on the ground before even getting on….. the nerves can hit us at any point. Even the top event riders will experience the butterflies and fear kick in before they enter the ring. Nerves can be a great asset to performing a cracking dressage test or to keep a rider focused for a clear round. However, when you want to enjoy your horse and the dreaded nerves kick in it can really put a negative spin on the experience. We have all been there at some point in our riding careers where we feel overcome with fear. As we know, horses are sensitive to our emotions and to our body language. The slightest change in our confidence will be fed down to the horse and can make a ride go from fun to frightening in a second. This has happened to us a fair few times.

Being susceptible to nerves ourselves, we have tried and tested the fantastic NLP recordings at Horse Confidence. The brilliant Faye Low has put together easy to use products which we at Just Cavallo have used and found success from. We tried out the NLP CD’s which were perfect for us busy horse owners. Being able to sit at home for half an hour and listen to the CD was simple to do and really adjusted our mindsets. We tested out the Get Out Hacking CD which was brilliant and the techniques suggested still stay with us now!

Faye has got a great selection of other products on her website along with a brilliant app, personalised coaching and coaching camps where you can work on yourself alongside your four-legged friend, what a fantastic idea!

We highly recommend taking a look at her website for more details and try some of her techniques for yourself, see if it can strengthen your confidence and control those nerves.