Equestrian Jewellery is for Keeps

Equestrian Jewellery with a DIY Twist!

Ideana design and create a stunning jewellery range. I have been lucky enough to receive the gorgeous handmade keepsake horsehair and stirrup necklace.

This precious necklace came through the post in the sweetest little gift bag.

I love how special this piece of equestrian jewellery is. Receiving the empty capsule ready for me to add a very piece of my own horse’s hair into the locket and wear it close to my heart. How personalised and special is that?

No one will ever have the very same piece of jewellery as me, being handcrafted and finished off with my very own horse’s hair is fantastic.

Ideana Jewellery - keepsake necklace

This will always be a memorable item for me. Having a bit of my horse with me forever and enjoying the do-it-yourself fun part too! Having something you can keep forever is always a plus.

I just love the classic signature stirrup look with Ideana necklaces and European leather, it’s a perfect fit.

Ideana Jewellery - Keepsake necklace

Ideana bring together their passion for horses and style to produce high fashion, hand-crafted accessories made in their studio in San Francisco Bay.

Ideana is inspired by Equestrian Fashion. You can purchase the necklace with a choice of either a Stirrup, Eggbutt or D-Ring Snaffle bits to accompany their keepsake attached to a genuine leather strap. I totally love how they have kept the equestrian theme running through their jewellery with the bit or stirrup detailing! It will really help finish an outfit too!

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Ideana Jewellery
DIY Equestrian Necklace
Ideana Jewellery - Keepsake Necklace
Snaffle Bit Detailing

The DIY part is so easy to do, and the capsule for adding in your horse’s mane or tail is super pretty and delicate!

“Memory is the treasure and guardian of all things”


Check out their beautiful range of products at here or check out their Instagram

x Jen x

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