Skin Care Tips – Take Care Of Your Hands This Winter

Who else suffers from dry skin during the winter months?

Dry skin can be caused by many factors, in particular we equestrians are faced with a fair few of these so our poor hands are in for a rough ride during the winter months.

Aveeno Skincare Moisturising Cream

Our hands get are put to work down at the stables, from being covered in mud, shavings, hay, and dirt to name just a few, to being exposed to the harsh wind and rain, to then be scrubbed and washed several times as soon as we get the chance. Given all of this, it is super important to make sure we keep our hands as moisturised as possible.

We love Aveeno daily moisturising cream. It provides amazing moisture to your dry chapped hands with a fast absorbing formula that is non-greasy. It leaves your hands feeling super soft and smooth. This cream also provides protection for the elements we face in the great outdoors. The small size tubes are perfect for popping in your bag and taking with you to the yard.

Our hands get put through a lot during the colder months…. why don’t you give them a bit of tlc this winter