Saddle up: the latest equestrian trends

Saddle up and ride off into the sunset with the latest equestrian trends. From fashion to sport, there’s something for every rider this season.

This season, ditch the jodhpurs and breeches in favor of stylish jeans or riding tights.

Riding tights have seriously taken over the equestrian world. Whilst leggings may be out for mainstream fashion, riding tights are on top of the latest trend!

I am still a sucker for Aztec Diamond‘s riding leggings, they have basic yet lush colours!

Another great upcoming brand is Blackfort Equestrian They have some gorgeous riding tights in a range of colours and have awesome reviews! I am super tempted to invest in a pair, mainly because they look like they have sticky seats which is a win for me!

A trendy top with a stylish blazer will complete the look. If you’re looking for a more formal outfit, consider a fitted shirt and pencil skirt. Top it all off with a stylish hat or fascinator.

For horse enthusiasts, this is the perfect season to get out and ride. There are plenty of new trends in equestrian sport this year. Dressage is becoming more popular than ever, and there are now more competitions for riders of all levels to participate in. Even the online dressage tests have been amazing for me to test out with my youngster! (plus it’s a lazy way to compete which I am grateful for!)

What are the latest equestrian trends?

This season, riding boots and equestrian-inspired fashion are everywhere. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and add a little bit of this style to your wardrobe, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, riding boots are not just for horseback riders. In fact, they can be worn with just about anything. Pair them with jeans or a skirt for a casual look, or dress them up with a pair of skinnies or a dress.

The Blazer – A Perfect Equestrian Trend

Another key piece of equestrian fashion is the blazer. A tailored blazer in black or tan is perfect for completing an equestrian look. You can wear it with jeans, slacks, or even a dress. (I mean have you seen the gorgeous tailored blazers at Holland Cooper? See left!!)

Such a simple addition to an outfit but it really does look stunning!

I love this equestrian trend, the blazer is perfect for an outing or being around the horses when you fancy being smart!

Finally, don’t forget the accessories…

I recommend browsing the Pegasus Jewellery website to view their gorgeous collection. It is a cute finishing touch to a simple outfit.

A girl can’t be without her accessories!

Would love to see some of your outfits this season, drop me a message with your inspo!


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