Practical Horse Company – Eco Riding Leggings Review

I was lucky enough to test ride the Eco Riding leggings from Practical Horse Company which came in berry! (one of my favourite colours if you hadn’t noticed already!)

I straight away loved the look of these leggings. The bold text on the waist band gives that stable to city look which I love. They have that gym style legging feel to them which makes them super adaptable and flexible to move in.

Why choose leggings over breeches?

I am usually a huge breeches fan and I tend to live in them all year round. However, riding leggings are very much on trend this year so I have of course been keen to test them out. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be replacing my love of breeches any time soon! BUT, since riding in the Eco Riding Leggings I have now simply added another love to my wardrobe.

Versatile and Flexible

The leggings are flattering, comfortable and flexible. I have lived in these at the yard since I got them. They are great for chucking on quickly and nipping to the yard to carry out the usual duties…. mucking out, yard sweep, etc etc…… I was wary at first thinking that they may have been see-through and not flattering which some leggings can be. I was happily surprised with how great they fit and luckily are not see through! (phew!)

Why go for the silicone grip?

I have tried out other riding leggings previously and when actually riding in them I find them slippy which is off putting to say the least. I like all my breeches and now leggings to have silicone grip on. It is helpful for me being a slightly nervous rider to have the sticky seat reassurance!! The Eco Riding Leggings come with a full seat of silicone grip. I know some people may prefer just the knee grips but I do love the full seat. It is actually a decent silicone grip and not just for show either.

Quality and Great Value

The price of these leggings blew me away, they are such a bargain at £23.00 and come in black, berry, navy and blue.

I highly recommend you check these out, they even come with two front pockets which is so helpful, I use one for my phone and the other for horse treats (aka bribery!) For the price too it really is a no brainer!

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