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TPL Equestrian – Get it Personalised

We teamed up with the super lovely TPL Equestrian recently for some personalised horse-wear. In a joint collaboration we set out to have some items branded. We cannot thank the TPL team enough, the customer service was outstanding and the merchandise is stunning.

Just Caballo Horse-wear range

Just Caballo - get it personalised by TPL Equestrian







It was really exciting to be able to show off their work recently at the Winter Dressage Finals at Cricklands (see our previous post). We hope to get our purchased horse-wear and clothing on display at future events to continue to support other riders on their journeys.

Be sure to check out their own range of clothing too. Just Caballo - get it personalised by TPL Equestrian

Just Caballo -TPL Equestrian Range

We even chose their very own base layer long sleeve top for wearing down the yard. It’s super comfy and durable, plus lightweight and great for exercising the horses in.

Ever fancied getting your team name added to some of your favourite items? Get in touch with TPL, they love supporting riders as much as we do.


Be sure to check out their insta and Facebook too for their latest news and updates.

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