Pegasus – The Vitality Bracelet

I have always been a bit dubious about the magnetic bands/bangles etc. However, since Pegasus released their Vitality range I become very curious! The Vitality range are a great twist on the boring bog standard magnetic bands that are out there. Pegasus have done a brilliant job at bringing style to these bracelets.

I have always been wary of the so-called miracle stories that you hear about with magnets. With the Vitality range looking more like a jewellery piece than a magnetic band I thought it was worth a try. If it didn’t work then I hadn’t lost much, they are a cute bracelet and a bargain at £20.

Of course I went for the pink one, but they do have a great range of colours. I even persuaded my mum to treat herself to the new leather range at £30.00. These are available in brown or black leather and are perfect for ladies or for the men.

I have left it a while before writing this review as I wanted to give the magnet a chance. I really did notice the difference quite quickly which took me by surprise.

The Bracelet combines the magnet NEODYMIUM and the chemical element GERMANIUM in a unique titanium catch on a silicon band. The benefits that Pegasus offer with the Vitality bracelet are to:

  • relieve stress
  • alleviate depression
  • increase energy
  • increase alertness
  • magnets have also been used in the treatment of arthritis, back aches, joint pain, chronic pain, poor circulation, insomnia, low energy and sports injuries.
  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Prevents Mental Fatigue
  • Enhance Flexibility
  • Renew Strength and Balance

I suffer with poor sleep and have done for many years. Luckily I never have a problem falling asleep, but the sleep I do get hasn’t been quality sleep. I use a fitness tracker to monitor my sleep pattern which was the first testament to the Vitality bracelet. The change to my sleep has been improved with more deep sleep now showing on my my tracker reports and a more regular pattern each night.

The next thing I have noticed is I feel more energetic when I get up each morning. I used to find myself feeling stiff walking up and down the stairs to fetch my breakfast and get ready each morning. The difference I feel is noticeable, I feel more mobile and flexible. (Not that I have used this to my benefit and worked out each morning like I promise myself I will do!)

I also have noticed I feel more alert which is a good thing as I have reduced my caffeine intake so I can’t even blame it on that!

As for the circulation, that one I am yet to notice but I am a typical girl who always has cold hands and feet no matter what the climate is. I hope this is one that the bracelet will assist with.

I am now tempted to double up with another colour, being a magnetic clasp you can double up two bracelets in to one with two colours.

Why don’t you try them out too, check out the fun colours and the full range on their website.

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