Mud Fever………

Mud Fever… it is a pain to put up with all winter…..

With the increased wet weather and muddy conditions we all experienced in the winter months, it is tricky to know what to do to give your horse the best chance at keeping mud fever at bay.

I wanted to write up about ThinkMud by Brinicombe Equine, as I literally found it to be my best friend last year!!

I know it is a subject many of you will be keen to read about as we have all been through the issues of mud fever!

We especially know how tricky it can be when it comes to choosing the right supplement to assist our four-legged friends when the mudbugs attack! It is so hard to work out what to use for the best sometimes. I know I felt super confused when trawling through all the products out there!

Brinicombe Equine is extremely helpful with advice on how to deal with the dreaded mud fever. Their super tub with the witty title of ThinkMud is a great additive to a horse’s feed, healing and protecting from the inside out which is an important factor to tackling this fun problem many of our equine friends succumb to.

I have experienced the pain of dealing with mud fever on my own horses and have used this supplement with them with amazing results!

It is important to stay one step ahead of this condition and another reason to love this product as it gives you the chance to do just that, keep the body stronger from the inside out.

Check out the range of supplements for yourselves here

I would love to hear some of your tips on how you conquer mud fever! It can be a real downer for Winter, let’s embrace it together and share helpful tips!

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