Lockdown for the Equestrians – simple tips to stay safe

In this tough and surreal time, we Equestrians need to be wise during Lockdown.

What can we do to keep busy, look after our horses and stay sane during Lockdown?

I have put together a list for Equestrians to help us be mindful and resourceful where we can in this difficult time. Some tips and ideas to stay home and stay safe.


Now more than ever is a great excuse to keep everything clean. Why not give your tack a super spring clean – if you are able to keep riding for now, wipe down your tack after every use too.

I highly recommend Renapur for my tack cleaning. The great thing about their products is they moisturise and nourish your leather tack. This helps by keeping it soft and supple and prevents it from drying out. If you are like me and don’t do it that often it is a great rescue remedy for your tack!

Click her to order a delivery for your tack cleaning: Renapur Leather Balsam

Lockdown for Equestrians – Get tack cleaning with Renapur

This goes for your own boots too. I know I am guilty for not looking after my own riding boots and wishing I could take more care of them. Renapur can be used for these too. We may not be getting “Show Ready” for some time. BUT why not restore life back into your riding attire and be prepared. We all know what happens if you do leave your leather out in cold damp places without taking care of it….. MOULD sets in…. (YUK!)


We may not get a lot of opportunity to ride – or you may choose to stop this until we know safe to do so. Why not use this time as a way of rediscovering the benefits of ground work with your horse.

Learning about your horse’s body language can do wonders. Actually being able to see how they move and understand why will help us with our riding.

Just Caballo and Country - Lockdown for the Equestrians - simple tips to stay safe
Lockdown for the Equestrians – groundwork with your horse

There are so many great exercises you can do that work your horse and keep you from both getting bored. Check out some groundwork with poles tips from Hackett Equine with a great how to guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeEmwt6q1d0

Riding is a decision we all need to take into consideration and advice changes daily. Why not spend more time learning new things on the ground. We can keep as safe as possible and avoid unnecessary trips to the A + E if we all choose carefully what we do. It has given us a chance to slow down and re-connect with our horses. Become kid like and enjoy grooming and chilling out round the horse.

Watch this space for some guides and free downloads on groundwork ideas for you and your horse.


Lockdown for the Equestrians  - Get Reading
Lockdown for the Equestrians – Get Reading

So, you will hopefully have read my latest post https://justcaballo.com/move-well-to-ride-well/ on the best book to get reading. I highly recommend Debbie Rolmanis’ genius book on improving the way we move to aid our riding. We all know the importance of good posture, but what would help us change our bad habits? Being told it will improve your riding? Yes, fo me – that is a great incentive. You can go buy her book on Amazon – no need to venture out – click here Biomechanics for the Equestrian: Move Well to Ride Well

If we have more time on our hands, reading is a great idea. Why not brush up on some technical knowledge. Find creative ways to improve your understanding of the horse and sport. – If anyone can recommend any novels to get reading please do share!


Why not use the most of this opportunity to get organised. I love stationary and anything to do with organisation and planning! I am a geek at heart, so I love the idea of being able to write up plans. This is a great chance to make sure you have all emergency numbers written down. We are at the time of writing this still able to go care for our horses. HOWEVER, this can change in any given moment and if you fall sick you will need a back-up plan.

Get writing out a plan for your horse’s care. Why not use our free downloadable template for your yard on my Instagram highlights : HORSE INFO PLANNER


Being on lock-down means – STAY HOME. Currently, as of today’s guidance we are still able to tend to our animals. In between this unless absolutely necessary we must stay home. For our physical and mental health – exercise is so important. We can develop our fitness ready for when we can ride again and when we can compete. There is so much out there for workouts at home and what a better excuse to get started. Yoga and Pilates are brilliant for riders.

Joe Wicks has a great work out live on his channels at 9am Monday to Friday so if you can join in for that it is worth it. If you have to work during that time you can play catch up on Youtube.


We all know we need to do this one girls and guys! We probably have way too many clothes for the yard and not much for any other occasion. It is a great excuse to bring all your clothes out and sort them into keep or give away. Probably worth giving them all a wash too, we know how mucky we get at the yard. If you can use it as a chance to give away there are so many people in need out there.


There are some fabulous podcasts out now, I used to love listening to these whilst driving to work. Now I have my office at home I can choose what I listen to.

I highly recommend Horse Hour, In The Country and Stall and Stable all available on Spotify. All entertaining and you get to learn a thing or to. All with the ability to stay in the comfort of your own home and get the horse fix you need.


We all probably have tv subscriptions coming out our ears now but it is something we can do from home. There are some great horse movies out there and tv series now too. I recommend Heartland on Netflix!

I will be posting more as time goes on to keep us all going.

If you can recommend anything to help I would love to hear from you all.

Take care and wash those hands!



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