Hounds and Hers

Perfect gifts for you and your pooch!

So we previously tested out the amazing Forelock and Fringe subscription box and when I heard they did a dog version I was keen to find out more!

Hounds and Hers is the perfect monthly luxury subscription box that brings you treats for yourself as well as your four-legged furry friend! It is a surprise box each month with new treats for both you and your dog. I love the idea of having the excitement of Christmas every month! You receive options of Alcohol, skincare and lifestyle gifts for you and toys, treats and other accessories for your dog!

After recently adopting a gorgeous English pointer, Obi, who had a horrific upbringing in Spain, I am forever looking for treats to give him so he lives his best life possible.

Obi loves the October Box!

Being able to indulge in something for him as well as myself was perfect. I don’t know about you but I’m great at spending money on my horse and now the dog, but I find it hard to splurge out for myself. The gift boxes and subscription packs from Hounds and Hers make it so much easier to treat myself! I don’t feel so guilty for doing it either as Obi is getting a treat too!

I ordered the October box and wasn’t disappointed. It was full of some great items and it is a fun way to discover new things I wouldn’t always think to try for myself.

Bouncy toys for your pup!

The Foaber ball was one of the first things that caught my eye in this box. A ball for Obi, perfect for my tennis eating fur monster. It is lightweight and actually bounces which is handy for my bandy legged boy!! Made from foam and rubber and in the colours that a dog can actually see well.

Can never go too far wrong with a glass of bubbles!

Next up was the Rose! A Thomson and Scott glass of yum! It is vegan friendly and they also do a non-alcoholic range. I am not a big drinker myself (not built for it anymore!) but I do love Rose, its a pink drink so what’s not to like. Hounds and Hers have a non-alcoholic option you can select when you order your box.

A little something for those special snoots!

The next gorgeous gift was the Paw & Nose Balm from Mother Bee. I love the idea that I can use natural products on my boy and great to have something to use for those sensitive paws. Mother Bee also have a great selection of balms for horses and humans too! I think I will be checking these out, they also make great gifts themselves!

Something that really was great in this box was the Baked Bites in Duck flavour by Nineteen 87. Obi absolutely loves these, and as we are still in training stages with him they were great for recall practise!! The baked bites lock in the flavour which made the smell of them great for Obi. I have gone through several types of treats to find what really makes him want to come back to me on a walk rather than the other dogs in the park. He wouldn’t leave the packet alone!!

One of my favourite items was the stunning bracelet from Elie Beaumount – London The Rose bracelet has not left my wrist since I received the box! I love rose gold and its perfect for the autumn look! The bracelet itself is worth over £22! I wouldn’t necessarily treat myself to Jewellery, but that is one of the best things about this product! Having a box being sent to you each month with a surprise treat it feels like you are receiving a gift from a friend every time!

Hounds and Hers subscription boxes have three options, you can order a box to turn up each and every month for £22.99 per month. Another option is to pre-pay for three months of boxes at £20.99 – with which you get a free mini box too! Or 6 months pre-paid with each box costing £19.99.

If you don’t want to sign up to a monthly option you can opt for a gift box – either a mini box with 2-4 surprise gifts at £12.50 or a full size box 4-6 treats at £30! These are perfect for friends or family especially with Christmas looming up! Hounds and Hers also offer the previous months box at £20 so if you spot something you like from a previous box you can order it still for a limited time!

I highly recommend taking a look at what Hounds and Hers have to offer and try a box for a month! Put it on your Christmas wish list – these are great gift ideas!

Happy Shopping!