Guest Blogger – ROOTD – 5 mins with Carolina Silva

ROOTD – with Carolina – Equestrian Trend

We spent a few minutes chatting with Carolina Silva from Equestrian Trend, based in Portugal. Carolina shows us one of her favourite outfits of the day for each season of the year!

Riding since she was 12, Carolina has a strong passion for horses along with a great eye for fashion. Carolina talks us through a few of her fav outfits that she looks great in.

Winter Outfit – In my opinion, this season means feeling cosy and that’s why I had to choose this outfit as my go-to Winter ROOTD. I always wear darker colours and because I always feel cold, I need clothes that truly keep me warm. I always struggle with finding clothing that meets my needs without being too bulky but, somehow, this V-neck and the jacket work perfectly to me!

As for the breeches, black is such an appropriate colour for the season and they even have crystals on the belt loops. I love small details! Everything is from Kingsland.

Spring Outfit – I actually took this picture last weekend because I think it would also work for Winter if I was wearing riding socks and a warmer shirt under this jacket. However, I think this will be my favourite outfit during Spring 2019!

The jacket’s fabric is incredibly soft and the breeches are one of the most comfortable pairs I own. They’re grey – very versatile – but the knee patches give them an extra something, right?!

The jacket is from Equestrian Stockholm, breeches are from RJ Classics.

Summer Outfit – I had to choose this one because these are my favourite breeches. I have decided to call them “Princess Breeches” because the details on the pockets and the pearls they have on the back make me feel like a princess.

I can always pair them with a simple t-shirt which feels great on those really hot Summer days!

Breeches are from Kingsland and the t-shirt is from Equestrianista.

Fall Outfit – Can you tell I’m really enjoying pastel colours this year? LOL

This is my most recent ROOTD and I love that no one can tell I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt under this base layer – I call it being warm while still looking cool!

Of course, I also had to include a pair of riding leggings in this selection of outfits. I have only discovered how much I love them a few months ago and they are my favourite thing to wear on weekends. Also, I didn’t own any brown pair but now that I do, I think that I should have bought a pair earlier…Doesn’t this colour scream Fall to you?!

Everything is from HorseGloss.

We have loved each and every one of Carolina’s outfits! She looks amazing in all of them – perfect inspiration for a new wardrobe!

x Jen x