Falling in Love with New Brands – Aztec Diamond

Aztec Diamond Equestrian – The Brand to look out for!

This up and coming brand has boomed in 2017 and we indeed jumped on the bandwagon. We fell in love with Aztec Diamond Equestrian’s stunning range.

We are totally in love with their leggings, they are super comfy and easy to wear. How nice is it to be able to wear a pair of leggings that are for the sole purpose of the yard but that you can get away with popping into the shops and not sticking out like a sore thumb for wearing riding gear somewhere other than the yard!

Aztec Diamond LeggingsThe material is shaped to provide freedom of movement when riding, and unlike your normal gym leggings these are actually easy to ride in and do not prohibit any movement whilst in the saddle. Another fab feature with the Technical Stretch Leggings is the perfect holding pocket for your phone. Placed further down the leg than the usual pockets it means your phone has a better chance of staying in place and not being uncomfortable there whilst you ride.

Aztec Diamond Baselayer

The rest of the range….

Aztec Diamond Baselayer BlackThey have a great selection of base layer tops to match which are perfect for riding to accompany the leggings.

Aztec Diamond Saddlepad

The Brand have now released a saddle pad range and matching fly ear set. The design is simple but super smart and stylish completing a great look for you and your horse.

Aztec Diamond Saddlecloth

Aztec Diamond Fly bonnetWe also have an addiction to collecting fly bonnets for our horses which is perfect as we can really accessorise our outfits now!

They even come in white so you can go out completing in style.

Aztec Diamond was launched in 2014 by an inspiring entrepreneur with a passion for horses and fashion. We admire and aspire to Jordan McCabe who is using her designs that she would want to wear herself and spotted a niche in the market for a need for fashionable, technical and affordable equestrian clothing, and as she stated herself…..

We hope you will be just as passionate and love the brand as much as we do!

– Jordan McCabe x

The wonderful thing about this company is how the idea was born from a horse owner, a young equestrian entrepreneur with a passion for fashion! The type of brand we adore at Just Caballo!

Check out their amazing range of designs at their website. Go follow them on instagram  and their facebook page.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian Logo

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