Fairfax and Favor Boots – how to look after yours..!

I know a lot of my readers have the same love for Fairfax and Favor boots as me. After purchasing my pair of suede regina heeled boots, I was scared to take them out the box! Do not fear though, I have made a simple guide on how to look after yours!

Suede can be a tricky product to take care of. If you are not careful can ruin the look of your boots. Luckily there are lots of care products out there to treat your boots with and add protection to them.

Protection Spray

Fairfax and Favor Boots - how to look after yours - Protection Spray

Fairfax and Favor do their own can of Suede and Nubuck Protector which is a great deal. I also recommend Crep Protection spray which is available on amazon if you click here Crep Protec

With these protection sprays it is recommended to spray your boots from a minimum of 20cm away from the boot. Spray a light layer from the top to the bottom of each boot remembering to do both inside and outside.

Boot Shapers

Fairfax and Favor also do their own boot trees.

Best of all, why not keep them in the gorgeous dust bag and box that you get sent with your order. We all love a blue box delivery, and even better that the box can be reused!

Fairfax and Favor boots are great as they can be so versatile and work with so many different outfits.

If you are looking to style up your boots why not check out our blog post on the Cheltenham look at the races.

Take a look at their latest range here and get yourself on their mailing list so you can be kept up to date on the newest looks. (also great for sales on their website too if you love a bargain like me)

Please do share your Fairfax and Favor outfits, I would love to see them!

And make sure you take care of the boots – thank me later 😉

xx Jen xx

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