Equestrian Style Guide – 5 mins with Carolina Silva

ROOTD – with Carolina – Equestrian Trend

We spent a few minutes chatting with Carolina Silva from Equestrian Trend, based in Portugal. Carolina shows us one of her favourite outfits of the day for each season of the year – the best Equestrian Style ideas!

Riding since she was 12, Carolina has a strong passion for horses along with a great eye for fashion. Carolina talks us through a few of her fav outfits that she looks great in.


In my opinion, this season means feeling cosy and that’s why I had to choose this outfit as my go-to Winter ROOTD. I always wear darker colours and because I always feel cold, I need clothes that truly keep me warm. I always struggle with finding clothing that meets my needs without being too bulky but, somehow, this V-neck and the jacket work perfectly to me!

As for the breeches, black is such an appropriate colour for the season and they even have crystals on the belt loops. I love small details! Everything is from Kingsland.


Spring Outfit – I actually took this picture last weekend because I think it would also work for Winter if I was wearing riding socks and a warmer shirt under this jacket. However, I think this will be my favourite outfit during Spring 2019!

The jacket’s fabric is incredibly soft and the breeches are one of the most comfortable pairs I own. They’re grey – very versatile – but the knee patches give them an extra something, right?!

The jacket is from Equestrian Stockholm, breeches are from RJ Classics. (We love the equestrian style on their website)


I had to choose this one because these are my favourite breeches. I have decided to call them “Princess Breeches” because the details on the pockets and the pearls they have on the back make me feel like a princess. (Bling is a must for equestrian style inspo)

I can always pair them with a simple t-shirt which feels great on those really hot Summer days!

Breeches are from Kingsland and the t-shirt is from Equestrianista.


Can you tell I’m really enjoying pastel colours this year? LOL

This is my most recent ROOTD and I love that no one can tell I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt under this base layer – I call it being warm while still looking cool!

Of course, I also had to include a pair of riding leggings in this selection of outfits. I have only discovered how much I love them a few months ago and they are my favourite thing to wear on weekends. Also, I didn’t own any brown pair but now that I do, I think that I should have bought a pair earlier…Doesn’t this colour scream Fall to you?!

Everything is from HorseGloss.

We have loved each and every one of Carolina’s outfits! She looks amazing in all of them – perfect inspiration for a new wardrobe! Don’t you just love her equestrian style?!

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x Jen x 

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