Beauty Tricks To Save Time In The Morning

Mornings can be a struggle for most people, in particular the equestrian and especially with the dark mornings during winter. So, how do you manage to look amazing and be at the yard in time to feed your four-legged beauty before they get so cranky that they are kicking their doors down? Well….. the truth is, we can’t do it everyday! Unless you are a natural beauty queen…..

However, some days we can look on point be on time and feel fresh all on the same morning, here are a few of my time saving tips:

Step 1 – Planning – a little planning never hurt anyone and if it is for the cause of beauty then why not!

Try getting your outfit ready the night before, set yourself up in preparation for a good start to the day. (Remember the days where you simply can’t find anything you want to wear, yup I know that feeling too, PLUS I have zero patience in the morning!!) This step for me is one of the most important, it may not save me heaps of time but it puts me in a much better frame of mind if I know I have started the morning more organised!

Step 2 – Moisturise! If you don’t have time for a full on make up and skin care session each and every morning, make sure you moisturise! Even if it is just the face and hands that you moisturise, these are the parts of our body as equestrians that are most exposed to the elements. The wind and cold conditions can be real killers for our poor skin cells so why not try and treat your skin to some loving every morning. You can even try out the great tinted moisturisers out there to give you a fresher glow to save on more time than applying foundation and concealer!

Step 3 – Hair Grips – As girls, we know that grips can end up everywhere, I think I must have at least twenty in my car alone! Hair grips can be a life saver in the morning, pop a few in to make a morning hair moment turn in to a smart attempt to look more presentable, plus keeps the barnet out the way when you need to muck out!

Step 4 – Lip balm – Another must have for the morning. I have a fair few of these lying around where I need it, the car, my bag, the office and the stables. Our lips are made of sensitive stuff and we want them to look kissable at all times. (Even if only by our horses for treats!) Applying a great lip balm will make your lips look alive and healthy, and protects them from the wind avoiding chapped lips which isn’t pleasant. There are also some great coloured lip balms to give you a brighter shade when you apply it, giving you a finished look in seconds.

Step 5 – Perfume – I find this a must have for me in the morning, it may only be that I am heading up the yard and the only one to smell it would be my horse! However, applying a small spritz of your favourite scent makes you feel good, and that is the most important thing. If you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear your smile! – Jen at Just Cavallo


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