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Wearing Hi-Vis

We all know the importance of being seen on the road. It’s even more apparent now that the traffic is getting heavier in even the most rural of places.

Giving motorists a fighting chance to slow their vehicles down before getting near us and our horses is always a godsend. However, we all know how the big builders hi-vis jackets or bibs that we wear are just not that attractive. Wouldn’t it be nicer if the Hi-Vis look was just a bit more stylish?

Enter DVR Equestrian Sport….. The Founder and creator of DVR has produced a great range of Hi-Vis that is actually worth a look at.

She says:

“I wanted to create a collection of comfortable and practical riding-wear designs. This is in the hope it might entice those riders out there that choose not to wear hi-vis to make themselves more visible.

I am keen to encourage riders to think about how useful hi-vis can be off-road too, from an air-ambulance to allowing dog walkers to get their dogs on the lead in more time or allowing off-road cyclists to see you earlier and slow up.

There are so many reasons why wearing more visible clothing can be beneficial for both the rider as those around them.”

DVR Equestrian Hi-Vis SweatshirtDVR Equestrian Hi-vis sweatshirt on riderThe sweatshirts are stunning with the black detail to break up the fluorescent and really do highlight that you are out on the road. The sweatshirt is a great idea for spring and autumn days when you are looking for a lighter item.


DVR Equestrian Hi-Vis Lucy JacketThe early launch of their new Lucy Jacket was brilliantly timed for the snowy scenes of England.

What better item to wear in the grey dull winter days we have than this bright and stylish jacket. Plus, it keeps you warm, you can wear it at the yard or out hacking!

Check out DVR’s range of Hi-VisĀ

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