All about that base….Top Base Layers

All about that base…. (sorry I know you are probably singing Megan Trainor now….) we are of course talking about Base Layers!

It is the time of year to wrap up and add layers! A favourite season of mine for fashion. I love to wrap up warm in the crisp frosty days of winter. Riding in the cold can be tricky, but what I do love now is the abundance of base layers out there.

I have listed out some of my favourite base layers for you to take a look at!

All about that base - Holland Cooper Base Layer
Holland Cooper Heritage Equi Base Layer

One that is top of my list is from Holland Cooper. I love the new sport range. The signature logo along with the red, navy and white colours gives an edgy look to it. Their base layers come with an insulating feel to the fabric. This means you can keep regulated in colder temperatures, also good for the summer months too as they are super lightweight. This one is a little higher in price than some at £79 but it does look lovely!

All about that base - Leiluna Collection Base Layer

Leiluna Collection have a great selection of base layers in their equestrian range. My favourite is their block colours with a high top neck. These tops are perfect to add to a casual outfit. Pop on some Fairfax and Favor boots with a skirt or jeans and a soft knit jumper and its a winner. Equally, I love schooling in these tops too. The high neck looks super smart but also great for protecting your skin against the wind. Such a good price from £35.00 I have one in black, burgundy and white!

All about that base - Aztec Diamond Base Layer

Aztec Diamond are always super consistent in producing great base layers. Their pink base layer is a favourite of mine. The soft colour is great to match with white breeches, but looks pretty cute with a pair of denim breeches or jeans too. Great price for this one at £40.00 and also features in Grazia magazine.

All about that base - Le Mieux Base Layer

LeMieux have a solid base layer range and as always have a great variety of colours. I, of course love the Mulberry, (check out my insta if you haven’t noticed the love of all things Burgundy!) Keep an eye out for their new spring range coming out soon if you love pastel colours.

All about that base -  Premier Equine  - base layer

Premier Equine have a wide range of technical base layers. The Oletta technical riding layer has a cute logo graphic on the sleeve and a 1/4 zip on the neck. The zip adds a great feature for riding, as we all know during lessons and training sessions we can get a bit warm!! Love the blue colour from this range. Only £40.00

Hope you all love my list of favourite base layers. If you can recommend any others I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more top lists.



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