A Touch of Italian Class

Italian Design meets Equestrian Style

Introducing U Black, the exclusive range of stunning accessories dedicated for the horse combining Italian style with a passion for the equestrian life.Italian Equestrian Style - UBlack

We are super excited to show off the wonderful products that U Black have designed.

Behind the Brand

This brand was born from a strong passion for horses after a serious fall left the creator of U Black in bed for six months. Despite this, the desire to get back in the saddle remained as strong as ever. From this yearn to return on horseback and build a new relationship with the next horse the U-Black story began.

Linking in the love for horses with a creative edge, the designs were born and using only the best handcrafted products created in Italy.

Equestrian Style - UBlack


Each item is hand made and with the beautiful finish to each product what is not to love.

The stunning competition range elegantly shows off the U Black logo with the fine detailing and gold piping.

The packaging is just as beautiful, expressing the care taken in every step they take to bring you the accessories you love.


Equestrian style - UBlackBehind every accessory  there are people who work together to make it and make it unique


What is not to like about the stunning Spur collection U Black have crafted.

Italian Style - UBlack SpursEquestrian Style - UBlack SpursThese gold-plated spurs are the perfect accessory for your boots with their very own jewellery.

Stand out from the rest when you are out competing!

Why not experience a different type of shopping with the option to have customised spurs – enriching them with Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds.

U Black will take in every detail of your request to create your own unique set of spurs. A fabulous range of gifts to check out! To find out more information on the customised options and shopping choices check out their website: www.u-black.com

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